Measures to protect people’s health

GLS subsidiaries do their utmost to protect the health of those involved in our business and to continue to ensure parcel logistics. We have implemented appropriate measures, which are based on the national official recommendations of the authorities which will be adapted at any point time if needed. For further information, please visit the website of your local GLS subsidiary.

International parcel shipment

Information on the Corona Virus

The export and import of your goods remains possible. All transport service providers, including GLS, must assume that delays in international transit times may occur in some cases. Please take this into account in your planning.

We also ask you to clarify in advance with your recipients in the respective countries whether shipments can be accepted. If receiving points are closed, then in the current situation we will immediately return parcels to the shipper.

Until further notice, the maximum weight limitation is reduced to 31.5 kg per parcel throughout the European network due to social distancing policies, as pick-up and delivery of heavier parcels require assistance of a second person.

For more information, please visit your country website.

Contactless delivery:

For our shippers and consignees GLS countries are offering the possibility of contactless delivery. For more details please visit the specific country site.

Return process:

Parcels which cannot be delivered due to closed businesses, may be returned without fulfilling the standard return procedure in terms of pre-notification and minimum storage time.