Group IT

IT and technology is an important strategic lever for GLS Group to increase the maturity and efficiency of operational processes in the parcel network. IT solutions also constitute the interface to our customers and parcel recipients. And mobile IT solutions help us to organize the work of our drivers and parcel shops and provide them with best-in-class tools.

It is Group IT’s role to provide shared IT services to the global parcel network of GLS:

We manage the operations of our central IT-landscape with network, systems management and cloud resources in an environment with more than 100,000 end-user devices such as hand-held scanners, laptops, workstations as well as ParcelShop systems. These IT systems process more than 100 million data records every day.

We are eager to continuously adapt our established IT landscapes to the latest market requirements with the help of modern technologies. We use agile development approaches where appropriate, build our IT landscapes with transparent interfaces ("API-first" approach) and consider cloud services as first choice.

Information security and data protection are cornerstones of our work in IT. This focus ranges from the design and development of new IT solutions to our internal work and collaboration with external service providers.

Our technology partners include not only the well-known technology leaders but also small and very innovative start-ups whose solutions and services we use. We prefer to use market solutions wherever possible in order to increase the efficiency of our IT through standardization.

If necessary, we develop new technological ideas for the parcel network ourselves at our IT development locations in Germany and Portugal. In some cases, we even found our own start-ups for this purpose.

In order to develop technological solutions with best fit for the domestic markets in which GLS operates, we invest in local IT organizations in all major national companies. Group IT keeps this diverse IT organization together with an overarching IT governance framework.